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Office 365 Migrations

Looking to migrate your on-premise SharePoint environment to Office 365 ?

We have recently completed a large migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online Office 365 for a long term client.

These projects include a plan for:

  • Discovery and Analysis You don't need to migrate everything to SharePoint Online and certain customisations may not be able to be migrated. Conducting a thorough analysis of the environment will determine what can be migrated and if there are any compatibility issues that need to be resolved. We are specialists in identifying the functionality differences between environments.

  • Migration Tools We have used a number of migration tools and knowing how the tool migrates information, what settings to configure and what tool costs are involved is paramount for a successful outcome.

  • Training and Adoption Office 365 provides a lot of new functionality that can be incorporated into your daily business needs. To make full use of this platform your users need understand what benefits will be provided and how they can be used.

Let us help your business migrate to a platform that offers a suite of tools that are accessible wherever you are.

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